The way forward

Tasmanian Government agencies are actively engaging with Tasmanian people, communities, industries and businesses as we pursue the vision of a prosperous and connected Tasmania, collaborating and thriving in a technology-enabled world.

It is impossible to predict where unexpected challenges and emerging technologies will take us in a post-COVID world, so the foundations we establish now must be dynamic enough encourage timely and effective responses to the evolving digital needs and expectations of the Tasmanian community.

As work progresses, updates on performance against our Strategic Action Plan will inform an ongoing process of review, refinement and new strategic priorities. Wherever possible, we will incorporate post-pandemic learnings and new opportunities as and when they arise.

The Government's progress towards digital maturity will be supported by the implementation of our new Cloud Policy and development of a whole-of-government technology roadmap that links planned initiatives with the objectives and priorities of Our Digital Future.