Our digital government


The Tasmanian community is best served by a progressive government that puts the contemporary needs and expectations of citizens first, transforming the way it works and the way services are delivered.

The Tasmanian Government is developing foundations to support the introduction of digital services that are easy to access, understand and use. We know that people expect to be able to quickly and conveniently access everything they need online, irrespective of age, gender, location, ability, life circumstances or cultural heritage. People in remote and regional communities also understand the potential of digital transformation to minimise geographical barriers to government service accessibility.

The Government’s approach encourages the progressive integration of multiple government systems, while ensuring that government-held information and services continue to be securely protected. Significant funds have already been allocated to initiatives supporting joined-up digital services and better personal outcomes for vulnerable children, people and families in need, through projects involving community safety, health, child protection and allied services.

As well as enabling community benefits, digital transformation can realise greater cost efficiencies and productivity benefits for government. The adoption of new technologies and new ways of working can support staff to focus on higher value, more responsive human interaction with clients. There are also greater opportunities for geographically dispersed teams of government workers to deliver seamless and consistent citizen-centric services.

The safe and timely transformation of public-facing services must be founded on new ways of managing, sharing and analysing digital data to enhance evidence-led policy and decision making. To support this, Our Digital Future prioritises development of a whole-of-government technology roadmap, cybersecurity maturity, information asset management and digital workforce capability. The Government will also develop a more agile approach to the procurement of technology services, including implementation of a new cloud policy that preferences, rather than mandates, the use of on-island cloud services.


The Tasmanian Government will develop new digital infrastructure and systems that demonstrate:

Simplicity: intuitive, seamless and convenient services that enhance two-way interaction

Security: trusted, resilient systems that safeguard government-held information and services

Strategy: connected systems and services that deliver better public outcomes


  • Develop new frameworks for information management and data analytics
  • Develop a whole-of-government technology roadmap
  • Implement a cybersecurity program that prioritises critical asset protection across government
  • Develop digital culture and capability across government agencies
  • Streamline government processes for the procurement of technology services
  • Reduce government red tape through the adoption of digital solutions
  • Develop an agile, iterative and risk-managed approach to the management and delivery of digital projects and services