Our digital community


All Tasmanians should have an equal opportunity to interact with digital services and information in ways that are easy to use, convenient and readily available.

The Tasmanian Government is committed to supporting initiatives that encourage the benefits of digital transformation to accrue more evenly across all sectors of the community and regions of the State. As more and more essential services and information sources are delivered online, people must be afforded equal access to the tools and skills necessary for them to successfully navigate the internet and participate freely in a digitally inclusive environment.

While Tasmania typically experiences lower levels of digital literacy and digital inclusion compared to mainland counterparts, these are improving. Tasmania’s Department of State Growth is working collaboratively with industry partners, Libraries Tasmania, other government agencies and the Tasmanian community sector to develop targeted initiatives for lifelong learning and digital inclusion.

In pursuing a digital future, the Tasmanian Government’s goal is to provide more responsive public services and information that can be easily understood and used by all Tasmanians, designed for access through mobile phones and other hand-held devices. The success of this pursuit will largely depend upon delivering the right service in the right way, while continuing to provide alternative, more traditional options for people with different service preferences, different levels of ability and more complex needs.

Citizens interacting with government through secure ‘anywhere, anytime’ digital services can benefit from savings in time, effort and out-of-pocket travel costs for over-the-counter services, ultimately leading to more equitable and inclusive service delivery outcomes.


Government-supported initiatives to close the digital divide in Tasmania will align with the following principles:

Accessibility: more equitable coverage and connectivity

Ability: inclusive strategies for digital literacy, knowledge and skills

Affordability: digitally-delivered essential services within reach of all


  • Deliver the Digital Ready for Daily Life program for digitally disadvantaged groups, including low income households, older Tasmanians and people not in paid employment
  • Strengthen opportunities for lifelong digital skills learning
  • Provide more options and opportunities for public access to 'anytime, anywhere' government services
  • Improve telecommunications infrastructure, particularly in rural and regional Tasmania
  • Increase 'smart city' technology to support urban communities and new technology businesses
  • Support transformative projects that improve the delivery of frontline services to Tasmanians